Monday, July 21, 2008

The summer tour is going well.

I was asked to jury a plein air show for a major agricultural event. The artists had 6 hours to do a painting no larger than 16X20 inches in any medium.

The best part is that I got to meet a local artist from the Delaware Tech School and also three local artists of interest.

My little summer project has been this. It is good for yet another week but then it goes away.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Busy times...

Been overwhelmed the past few weeks with an effort to rebuild my inventory. Sales for me this year have been good and it is much appreciated.

Been busy making videos of the one of the processes I use now and again. Acrylic transfers, which can be fun, can also be illusive to some. In a series of four videos I have tried to make the process simple and easy to understand. Acrylic Transfer part 1 Acrylic Transfer part 2 Acrylic Transfer part 3 Acrylic Transfer final

And yet another on acrylics + rubbing alcohol Acrylics and Alcohol don't mix....or do they! (experimental)