Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meditation Garden 61
8X8" on artboard (12X12" framed)
Acrylic, red coral, leaf skeleton, acrylic sheeting, obsidian, glass beads and acrylic casting. For the first time I am using Matisse liquid pencil. It is a delight to work with and a charm for making magic with the images. This is a great deal of fun but I am off on number 62 now and using some of the new Golden experimental gels.

This is another in the meditation garden series.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

After a great show during February and March I am settling back into the routine of the studio. Most recent image is above. I have been adding more and more semiprecious stones to my work and a greater understanding of the symbology of these stones. Simple understandings. The delight of the symbols is in the spiritual nature of their meaning.

With a bit less pressure I am cleaning, rearranging and refining the workspace called my studio. Over the years one acquires many things, things in art that at some point have importance but over time become somehow less important. So, I am weeding through this stuff and trying to gain back precious inches. Always a challenge but always worth the effort.